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Brand Name :: Artivigil

Generic Name :: Armodafinil

Packing :: 4 Tablet

Form :: Tablet

Strength :: 150 mg

Manufacturer :: HAB  Pharmaceuticals

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Artivigil Dropshipper provides description of Artivigil tablet:

This is a prescription based medication, basically use for sleep disorder. It increase the activeness of sleep and energy. This drug approved by the USFDA for curing various sleep disorders. If you have experienced sleep disorders including waking up at nights or not being able to sleep before dawn, you can try this. Artivigil dropshipper and Artivigil exporter services helps you to enjoy active life. If you find yourself lazy and energyless around all day, you can try this drug, it’s pretty useful. It increases the functioning capacity of your brain and keeps you active and helps to get rid of sleep disorders. Artivigil wholesaler connect with many online pharmacy exporter and supplier.

Precautions by Artivigil Dropshipper:

Before use of Artivigil 150 mg, Artivigil exporter says that you should know the precautions of every drug you take, so read precautions below:

  • You should avoid artivigil when you are suffering from blood pressure or any other heart problem.
  • It’s true that Artivigil exporter medicine will keep you active all day long. But you should more care when you are driving, don’t take risk with your life.
  • This medicine may additionally give some sort of psychological issues. If happened then stop medicine and consult with your Artivigil Supplier.
  • Don’t take the medicine without doctor’s prescription if you suffering from any health issue.
  • Pregnant women should stay away from this drug. It’s may effect on your unborn toddler.

Side effect:

Some common side effects may occur in the first few week like feeling tired, stomach upset or discomfort, dizziness, or blurred vision. But maximum cases it stay for very short time. If you notice or experience any other side effects or any major issue then you should consult with you doctor or Artivigil Supplier.


Artivigil is available in 150mg. This is the recommended dosage for Artvigil is usually 150mg per day. You should avoid overdose. Best thing is you should follow your doctor’s prescription. The correct dosage differs based on patient’s health condition.


Artivigil Supplier says that keep this tablet cool and dry place and below 30 degree temperature. Keep away from pregnant women and children.

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