Stud spray dropshipper

Stud Spray

Brand Name :: Stud Spray

Generic Name :: Lidocaine

Packing :: Spray Bottle

Form :: Spray

Strength :: 100 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 5000 ml, 10000 ml

Manufacturer :: Millennium

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Desensitizing Spray on genital by Stud spray dropshipper

Stud spray the world famous delay spray for men , which basically delays the ejacuation process and improves your sexual confidence. The delay process provides more extra staying power, satisfaction and gives maximum pleasure for both partners. And give long lasting results. The basic content in Stud spray dropshipper is Lidocaine Base which work as a the mild anaesthetic spray and desensitising the area on which the spray is being applied, it works fast and dealy the process.

Stud spray comes in many different content quantities. Stud spray exporter provides this product in many different measurement contents like in 500 ml, 1000 ml and 50,000 ml . the container are with the meter fitted labelled with a pump spray which makes it easier to use , the wholesaler of stud spray exporter has have all the different meter spray in large content.

Stud spray dropshipper explain how to use this  :

Using stud (Lidocaine ) spray is very easy to use and can be used whenever you want to have intercourse , stud spray wholesaler med is to be applied on the head of the ( sexual organ ) gland.

This should be sprayed onto the top of the sexual organ 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse. It will work quickly and will give the perfect result delaying the process of ejaculation thu8s you can enjoy having sex for long time without ejaculation. This stud spray is the best and work very effectively give you the best desired result.

Stud spray supplier & Dropshipper of are now days in a great demand and couls easily be found. Stud spray exporter company are increasing and expanding vey fast, and that’s a vey good sign , because as the number of stud spray wholesaler will increase the productivity of this will surely increased and will benefit huge amount of people.

  1. The Stud delay spray comes in different strength, like it contains around 120 spray like 1000, 10000 have more number of spray.
  2. The product is fully non toxic, odourless and is ozone friendly which make stud spray exporter a healthy reason to expand the stud spray supplier & stud spray dropshipper facilities.
  3. The spay is very effective and one can see its result in use one use , it fully satisfy and increase the climax time of the men and makes them very happy and glad.

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