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Best Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Studies show that any of the 35% to 75% of men undergoing radical prostatectomy or external radiation therapy, and 35% to 55% of men who choose brachytherapy, will develop impotence after treatment. Recent insights on why this happens has created a whole new approach to treating men who are interested in maintaining their sexual function. New therapies are often referred to as rehabilitation of the penis, which was introduced for the first time in the European physician in 1997. Since then, penile rehabilitation has gradually evolved and is now being offered in several key academic hospitals; it is unlikely to be offered to the community setting. Although the precise mode varies, penile rehabilitation usually consists of an oral or injected medicine, alone or in combination with other interventions, to restore and maintain an erection function prior to prolonged damage.

But this treatment remains controversial. Although preliminary results look promising, only a few types of credible study evaluations have been published for different types of penile rehabilitation – and have benefited from different types of inventions for different periods, so it is hard to compare one process by the other. Moreover, there is no consensus on which approach is best for a particular patient. However, penile rehabilitation may be something worthwhile by asking your doctor whether you have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer or if you are currently being treated. This article briefly discusses the rehabilitation possibilities of the penis and the limited scientific evidence. Generic dropship are very well known as Cheap Generic Viagra exporter.

If after radical prostatectomy impaired erectile function, the problem is traditionally associated with nerve damage. Nerves that cause an erection can be damaged during surgery (even during the so-called nervous-saving operation), resulting in a problem known as neuropraxia -a temporary loss of function that will theoretically be recovered on time. The problem is that it can take as long as two years until the nerves recover enough to allow a human spontaneous erection, and then there may be other lesions.

Recent studies show that when the penis has been ignited for a long time and therefore has not a lot of oxygen rich blood, the low oxygen levels cause some muscle cells in erectile weaving columns (corpora cavernosa) to lose their elasticity and gradually switch to something like scar tissue. Furthermore, this scare appears to interfere with the ability of the penis to expand when it is filled with blood. In fact imaging studies show that blood can flow from the penis rather than fill.

Less trials have been performed on impotence following radiotherapy, but it appears that the underlying cascade of harmful events is similar to that occurring after a radical prostatectomy. Radiation is harmful to the lining of the small blood vessels, but it can take months or even years.

All this means that traditional men advice – basically wait for erectile function to return individually – may not be appropriate. Simply put, erections seem to work based on the fact that it is or is not lost. In order to prevent secondary damage that may occur when the penis is permanently remaining flammable, researchers now feel that a better approach is to interfere soon after treatment in order to restore erectile function. (For more information on the studies highlighted here, see “More information: penile rehabilitation.”)

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